Before i die - Jenny Downham

I chose the book 'Before i die' written by Jenna Downham. This book caught my eye when i read the title, the thoughts that popped up in my head about the title was that it could mean anything. ''Before i die'' is a heavy set of words put together. When i read the text of the backside of the book i understood very quickly that the book was about a teenage girl, in my age, who got some sort of life threatening disease. Cancer it seems.
So in the first twenty pages it's usually starts off very slow in books, first introducing the main charactar and then describing the life of the main charactar.
In this book, that was done in the first five pages. And the main story starts very quickly in the next five.
The story is about a sixteen years old girl named Tessa, who has Cancer. Tessa only has a little time left to live and she wants to fill the last days of her life with things she always have wanted to do. So she has a list of the ten things  that she wants to do before she dies.
The first thing on the list is sex. She is a virgin and she does not want to die as a virgin.
So one night she brings her friend over to go out clubbing with. At first she is not really sure if she wants to go out clubbing, and find a guy to have sex with. But her friend finally convice her to go out with her.
So they arrive at a local club , having a good time. Laughing, dancing. Until it's time for Tessa to find a suitable guy for her to have sex with. She is picky, and she imagines herself walk towards a guy with high confidence and start flirting like in a movie.
But the reality is far away from a movie scene. Her friend finds two suitable ''cute'' guys and drags Tessa across the dancefloor to reach them. They start talking a bit awkwardly and then starts to dance with eachother.
Suddenly Tessa get's cold feet and walks out to the frontdoor, takes her coat and ready to leave for home. But then again her friend convice her to follow her home with the two ''cute'' stoner guys.
And so they follow the stoner guys home to their apartment.
The night carrys on, now they are in the apartment of the two stoner guys. And they spend their night there with them.
The next morning Tessa cross over the first ''to do'' thing on her list. Cus' now she have nine things left on her list to do.
So that's what hapends in the book ''Before i die'' in the first twenty pages.


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